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Fit Minds Cognitive Stimulation

Interactive Brain Exercises to Improve Quality of Life and Cognition

Cognitive stimulation therapy for brain health

We offer individual and group cognitive stimulation programs to help older adults to optimize their brain health and remain socially connected. Both programs include a light physical warm up followed by a series of specially selected activities delivered in person by a certified Fit Minds coach. The exercises actively engage the areas of the brain responsible for language, memory, critical thinking, visual/spatial orientation and computation. 

The coach sets the tone and pace during the sessions. They explain each exercise, encourage participation, provide prompts when needed and ensure that attendees are always having fun.

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One-to-One Program - Individual Interactive


The Individual Interactive program provides one-to-one sessions that are customizable for the cognitive ability and interests of each person. An integral part of this program is the ability to tailor individual activity levels to match the changing cognitive abilities of the person. Engagement is measured for each activity and performance assessments are conducted periodically to ensure exercises provide the ideal level of challenge. Monthly reports can be shared with the individual and their loved ones to chart progress over time. 

This program can be geared to match all cognitive levels but is ideally suited for individuals with mild to moderate dementia. 

Group Program - Stay Sharp

The Stay Sharp program

Stay Sharp is a weekly group brain fitness program designed to help older adults to stretch their mental capacity and build new brain reserve. Exercises are provided to mentally challenge participants and provoke discussion. Participants collaborate to share insights and solve problems. In addition, a take home challenge is provided to work on in between sessions.  

This program is of interest to retirement aged adults who are looking for ways to support their brain health. It an individual has been diagnosed with a cognitive condition, a Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) score of 22 or above is recommended for participation.