Side By Side Support For Seniors

Engaging Activities and Companionship


Before working with a new client, a needs and interest assessment is performed and specific goals for the client interaction are determined. Beyond simple enjoyment, our focus is to help individuals retain abilities and remain intellectually and emotionally supported. We can also help caregivers identify strategies to alleviate triggers that may be leading to undesirable behaviours.  

Mini Day Program: 

Caring for a loved one who is unable to engage in activities independently can be a challenge for caregivers. Side By Side Support For Seniors can create a mini day program in the senior's home complete with exercise, a light snack, mental and social stimulation. Morning, afternoon or evening options are available. Activities are tailored to reflect personal interests, abilities and former roles and can be adapted to highlight seasonal celebrations of importance to the individual.

Friendly Visits:

Do you just need someone to occasionally pop in to check on your loved one? If so, maybe a weekly friendly visit would make sense. Side By Side could arrive with a coffee or tea and a treat. We could take out the garbage or throw a load of laundry in and have an enjoyable chat with the special senior in your life. 


Lunch at a favourite restaurant, trips to the apple orchard in the fall, a picnic by the lake in the summer or a holiday shopping trip in December are examples of the types of outings that can be planned. Excursions such as these orient your loved one to the season, provide opportunities for sensory stimulation and allow them to interact with others.

Errands and walks out in the community:

Maybe getting out of the house is important to your loved one. An escorted walk through a familiar neighbourhood or a trip to the local supermarket or hardware store offers physical exercise, mental stimulation and a chance to socialize. A change of scenery can help lift their mood while also improving their circulation.

Range of Motion and Falls Prevention Exercises:

Exercise helps to improve mood and maintain flexibility and mobility. Side By Side can lead your loved one in gentle, seated or standing exercises designed to help maintain their range of motion, balance and muscular strength. We are also happy to help clients follow exercise routines that have been prescribed by their Physiotherapist.

Cognitive Exercises:

Mental stimulation is important for brain health and can help slow down the effects of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. Examples include discussions about world events, trivia, crossword puzzles, word games, playing cards or board games. Montessori based activities can also be incorporated that involve tasks such as reading, sorting, matching and folding. For a more formal program, we are also certified in Fit Minds (see Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for more information). 

Artistic Expressions:

Engaging in artistic pursuits such as painting, baking, beading, collaging and scrapbooking appeal to the individual's emotional domain. Activities such as these present opportunities for the individual to reminisce and express themselves. Listening to favourite music is also another wonderful way to help older adults relax and revisit fond memories.

Spiritual Pursuits:

Attending a church service, discussing scripture, listening to hymns, sharing spiritual beliefs, meditating, enjoying nature and helping others are all examples of spiritual activities. Side By Side can help support your loved one's sense of spirituality through carefully selected activities that are tailored just for them.

Bucket List Activities:

Is there something your loved one has always wanted to try doing or wants to complete? Maybe he started writing his memoirs but needs some assistance typing his notes. Maybe she always wanted to be on the stage. Helping your aging family member achieve one of their dreams is a wonderful way of honouring the person while providing them with a sense of accomplishment and closure. Let Side By Side break the dream down into manageable steps that are achievable regardless of physical or cognitive abilities.