Side By Side Support For Seniors

Practical Support


Older adults often have multiple health conditions that require frequent monitoring. While many seniors are capable of getting to and managing their own appointments, some may need assistance. For those who do need help, frequent appointments can be difficult to coordinate especially if family members have a busy schedule or do not live nearby. Our service is meant to help you keep all the balls in the air, especially when the unexpected happens. We provide:

  • transportation to and from the appointment (must be able to stand and transfer into vehicle)
  • reminders to bring identification, paperwork and any necessary items to the appointment
  • accompaniment and note taking during appointment if desired 
  • awareness about medical conditions that commonly affect older adults and willingness to research and learn about less common conditions in order to ask informed questions and provide added advocacy support should your loved one need it
  • assurance that important information is relayed to the medical professional and that outcomes and next steps are clearly explained to the family member or caregiver following the appointment
  • prescription drop off and pick up
  • confidentiality and privacy for you and your loved one

We are also happy to take seniors out to run errands or to enjoy a meal in their community before or after their appointment. 

When an elderly person is in the hospital, they need someone to speak up for them to ensure they receive the care and compassion they deserve. While family or friends are often strong advocates for their loved ones, distance or circumstances sometimes make it challenging. If you are unable to be there as much as you would like, we can help. Side By Side can bring in activities of interest or act as a personal advocate for your loved one. With consent, we can ask questions, clarify next steps, and keep you in the loop to ensure that your concerns are addressed.