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Side By Side Support For Seniors provides customized activities for isolated seniors, cognitive stimulation for individuals with Alzheimer's disease or related dementias, assistance running errands, accompaniment to medical appointments and guidance as needs and circumstances change. ​Our mission is to improve the well-being of older adults and their families by offering support that is holistic, personaized and adaptable.  




Side By Side Support For Seniors was created to help alleviate social isolation and reduce caregiver stress. While older adults often need support with their day to day activities, their emotional well-being can sometimes suffer. Personal losses and physical changes can reduce opportunities to socialize and adversely impact an individual's quality of life. Side By Side can reintroduce meaningful activities and outings to expand the senior's world, support their abilities and improve their overall well-being. The result gives the older adult a boost in morale while providing peace of mind to their loved ones. 

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Engaging Activities and Companionship

We offer a variety of activities to stimulate and enhance the experience of seniors who are at risk for social isolation due to cognitive impairment or mobility limitations. Goal-oriented activities are offered on a one-to-one basis in the home, at bedside in hospital, or out in the community. Engagement alternatives are chosen to appeal to the strengths and interests of each person and address at least one of the five wellness domains: physical, intellectual, emotional, social or spiritual. This service is beneficial to those who are unable to initiate their own leisure activities or are showing signs of apathy or disinterest in things they used to enjoy.  ​

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Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST)

We offer cognitive stimulation therapy using a product called Fit Minds®. It involves a set of customized paper-based activities delivered in person by a certified coach and combines the benefits of social and mental stimulation. Sessions are tailored to the cognitive ability of the individual and designed to challenge all five areas of cognition: language and music, memory, computation, critical thinking and visual/spatial orientation. While CST will not reverse dementia, it has been found to have positive effects on cognition and quality of life.  


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Practical Support and Guidance

Side By Side Support For Seniors can help you manage errands, appointments and changing needs. We can take seniors to run errands and help ensure that they get to their appointments safely and on time. If needed, we can even take notes and summarize next steps. In addition, Side By Side has experience helping families understand the different housing options that are available to support aging adults. Whether it's senior apartments, retirement homes or long term care, we can help you source, evaluate and compare options making the journey less stressful and confusing.  


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Carrie, Oakville Ontario

 “Joanne is a gift to our family! The fun-loving way she cares for our mom, be it through social visits or doctor appointments, we know mom is safe and is having a great time. Joanne is proactive, thinking of questions or next steps before we do - we trust her fully with the personal information that pertains to one's health and related appointments. She has truly become part of our family, with she and our mother having developed their own close and caring relationship."


Sanjeeta, Nevada U.S.A.

“I feel so very fortunate to have met Joanne. I live on the West Coast in the US and had to take over care for my aunt in Oakville. My aunt has dementia and was not able to assist in any capacity. I had no idea where to begin. Joanne walked me through the long term care placement process versus private care and then went to visit each home for me gathering information and photos to help find the best and most suitable home for my aunt. I absolutely could not have done this on my own. Thanks to Joanne and her diligence in researching each home and understanding our needs we found the perfect place for my aunt. I am forever grateful.”


Kay, Oakville Ontario

"We hired Side By Side Support For Seniors when we needed additional help in caring for my mom. Joanne is a kind, caring individual with a passion for helping seniors. She is knowledgeable, flexible to the changing needs of my mom and has been a huge help to my family. Without hesitation, I would recommend her services to anyone who needs support for their loved ones."

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